BlackBerry PlayBook Update 2.0.1 Released

RIM has released an update for that BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Version of your OS application is accessible as an OTA, or “in excess of the air”, obtain.

The 2.0.1 application update for BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t a revolutionary update, but we envision all you PlayBook homeowners are out for what ever enhancements you may get. RIM hasn’t released an exhaustive breakdown of your function bonuses, but here are the most important bits, in RIM’s personal text –

• Browser enhancements to deal with overall performance with some sites
• Enhancements to aid Android apps
• Optimizations to Video recording Chat, PIM and BlackBerry Bridge functions
• And considerably more!

As irritating tantalizing as “much more” appears, we expect this boils along to several bug fixes and tweaks. By far the most helpful of your good deal will be the Android app assistance advancement, getting one with the most important motives to purchase a tablet on a downward slope using a bespoke OS. PlayBook owners needs to be prompted to obtain the update automatically, but it is possible to manually verify for it within the tablet’s settings menu.

The BlackBerry PlayBook was released in mid-2011, and noticed disappointing initial revenue – in portion along to its higher cost, aspect its very poor app roster and element the diminished cache from the BlackBerry manufacturer. It re-gained its appeal the moment its cost was dropped to £169 in late 2011. For that hard cash, it gives great create top quality, a fantastic filter as well as a slick – if confined – experience.