BlackBerry Prepare for Device Q10 with Full Demonstration

Smartphone Z10 had did steal the show, since launch in late February 2013 ago. But now, the first touchscreen phone BlackBerry is past its time, because now turn BlackBerry Q10 is a new star. Preparation of the company formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), it seems already so mature. This is evident from the spread of videos that demonstrate how to work his Q10 device in media sharing sites.


Q10 smartphone presence had been eagerly awaited by fans of the BlackBerry device. Naturally, since Q10 is only the latest BlackBerry devices that still carries the hallmark physical keyboard, like all of their previous smartphone products. In addition, hybrid systems which use this device (incorporating the physical keyboard and touchscreen) as well enough to attract some consumers.

[video_skin style=”1″ title=”Watch this video…” tag=”h2″ player=”youtube” video_id=”DhCnV3NBc20″ controls=”yes” width=”485″ height=”295″]

BlackBerry also mentioned will soon release the latest device in the next few weeks. Even to prepare for the inaugural launch, some mobile network providers in several European countries have opened pre-order session. They tag the price at U.S. $ 199.99 for a three-year contract period.