BlackBerry Q10 Failed Perform at the Market Penetration

Q10 smartphone should be one of “the nostalgic” for BlackBerry and also the consumers who refuse to follow the mainstream flow. But reality says another. According to a report quotes from Cnet, on Thursday (08.29.13), Q10 phone just does not get the attention of people who use smartphones.


An owner of a retail store, as reported by The Wall Street Jounal site (WSJ), Wednesday (28.08.13), saying that the Q10 is not sought after by consumers. Even some buyers smartphone with QWERTY keyboard choose to return or exchange the phone with another product.

This condition is also shared by a senior Canadian company. To the WSJ, he mentioned that the Q10 has been “dead”, even in his own home. In fact, the company set high targets, hopes that the Canadians choosing and applying the success of BlackBerry 10 smartphone sales this.

Now, BlackBerry must return home to face a tough job. One is still hoping to BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) version of the cross-platform messenger for success in the world who also have solid with big players.