BlackBerry Release Software Update for OS BlackBerry 10

Successful launch BlackBerry 10 devices, developers now a Canadian company that has been prepared for the immediate release of a software update. According to news released by CrackBerry, Wednesday (17/04/2013), has now launched the BlackBerry operating system BlackBerry OS SDK 10.1C. However, the software update was released only for a limited and specific use by developers to develop applications that conform to the version of the system.


In the operating system or OS SDK 10.1C is also known as the operating system version, the BlackBerry device users will find a significant increase in performance. Some of these include the option to send messages to the system ‘PIN to PIN’ which will be present in the BlackBerry HUB. In addition, color ‘Highlights’ to the first word correction is blue; the color has changed to green.

Here is some list of changes and improvements brought by the operating system OS SDK 10.1C, as quoted from CrackBerry.

  •      HDR image capture options when using the camera
  •      Several demos and new walkthrough options when you turn on the BlackBerry device for the first time 10
  •      Option to turn off notifications for multiple applications
  •      Convenience to roam BlackBery World of smartphone devices

However, again must remind that this operating system will not work in full, because the software update is devoted to the developers. In several previous occasions, has also been confirmed that the BlackBerry operating system OS SDK version 10.1C is not a system that can be used by users of BlackBerry smartphones in general.