Blackberry Theme Studio Version 7.1 Beta Leaked

Blackberry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta

If we take a flashback to last year when RIM was still busy with its Blackberry 7, the company did say something about an app it had created for developer community. The app in question was the Theme Studio, or simply put, it a theme builder where developers can unleash their creativity to create the most stunning theme for Blackberry 7. Unfortunately, prior to its completion, RIM decided to stop its development and thus, it never managed to surface.

Recently, however, the beta version of Blackberry Theme Studio 7.1 leaked. In fact, it had been made available for download by guys at BlackberryOS. Upon testing the app, some bugs did show up, preventing us from enjoyably getting our hands dirty with it. However, it was not to the point where it became useless. You can still create a theme with it but just make sure you have a little patience on your end.

By the way, Blackberry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta is compatible with almost all RIM devices running the OS 7. That would include the Bold 9900/ 9930 and the rest of other old Blackberry handsets.

In case you’re curious why the development of Theme Studio 7 was ended by RIM, it was because at that time, the company had initiated the development of the Blackberry 10. Provided that the latest OS doesn’t support theme builder app, RIM doesn’t see any benefit to continue the app.

Update: The download link at BlackberryOS was taken out due to RIM’s official request. However, by now, the file should have spread all over the net. A quick visit at Blackberry forums should get you what you’re looking for.