BlackBerry will Product Smartphone 5 Inch Soon?

BlackBerry apparently will not stop innovating. BlackBerry Z10 has successfully released in late February and was immediately followed by the BlackBerry Q10 which will be released in the near future, now comes back to the rumor that the Canadian company will soon announce a new device again.


After rumors about plans to produce smartphones for the middle class, touted BlackBerry is working on a new project, which is to build a device that has a screen size of 5 inches. According to news from CrackBerry on Monday (04/16/2013), a technology analyst named Peter Misek feel confident that BlackBerry will be completed to produce these devices by the end of 2013.

Misek also predicts that the 5-inch screen device will take on the same system with the Z10 smartphone, the system uses a full touch screen. After that, he also predicts that BlackBerry still maintains plans to soon produce a new tablet device that is touted as the next generation Playbook.

This rumor has actually been around since the beginning of April. But in the end, the news proved to be only an April Fool’s joke. However, some people still believe that the issue is not a figment. BlackBerry is now moving back to compete with the giants in the world of smartphones, by trying new domains that they had never touched before. As a result, the 5-inch smartphone is one of the ways that most likely taken by BlackBerry.

As has been frequently noted earlier, the BlackBerry rumored to be soon released three new products, at least until the end of 2013. Is the 5-inch size is one of them, in addition to the latest generation Playbook?