BlackBerry Z10 beautiful Color White

Ahead of the launch of the Blackberry 10 are simultaneously in several major cities of the world, pictures of the Blackberry Z10 reappear in public. This time a white Blackberry Z10 successfully revealed his true identity, if earlier Balckberry Z10 blacker is raised to the public.



“We have a lot of information about Blackberry Z10 apart from Verizons BB10 article about rumors, but it has been ascertained that the two models of Blackberry Z10 white and black will be available,” said Kevin as reported by the website CrackBerry, Monday (28/01/2013).

As shown in the photographs, the BlackBerry Z10 looks packed in a sturdy form-factor but has the aesthetic value of the design. In addition, the right-left corner of the frameless, making this smartphone screens looks great and without the presence of knobs on the surface.

With the advent of Blackberry Z10 white, will probably make you who have left the Blackberry would be ‘tempted’ to come back and help you to get out of the basic concept smartphone that has been dominated by black.