BlackBerry Z10 Now Labeled £259.95 in the UK

Popularity of BlackBerry Z10 seems middle began to decline, at least in the UK. Recently, a news reported by CrackBerry on Tuesday (08.27.13), states that the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone just got a massive price cuts in the Carphone Warehouse retail stores.


According to the news, Carphone said to have labeled the Z10 smartphone with price £ 259.95. Previously, this device shall be redeemed at a price of £ 379.95. Although thereis no definite reason behind this massive discount, but most analysts predict at least two causes.

The first reason, as was mentioned earlier JerukNipis, is due to decline and lead to less attractive BlackBerry Z10 again. Another reason is to say that it is time Z10 replaced by other products, such as Q10, Z30, or BlackBerry 9720.

BlackBerry itself up to date amid troubled. This was confirmed by officials plan Canadian company to conduct a meeting in order to decide the future of the company. But until now, there is still no clear word on the concrete steps of the meeting.