This is BlackBerry Z10 Official Price

Blackberry 10 has attracted the attention of the users of the Blackberry platform, not least in the world of smartphone users. Own a Blackberry 10 operating system (OS) that will be used by the Blackberry mobile phones are expected by RIM to compete with Android and iOS products on the market.


After the recent Blackberry 10 platform surfaced in the form of pictures and rumors that have been spread in the community, is now the official price of the latest products from RIM (Research In Motion) is beginning to emerge with the start circulating in the community with a series of Blackberry Z10 as a marker of the start RIM comeback as a competitor for the iPhone.

BlackBerry Z10 is the first full-touch phone from RIM that has a specification qualified and positioned as a challenger to the iPhone 5. As reported from BGR by Crackberry, this smartphone can already be booked and paid in installments in the price range U.S. $ 199 at launch, and possibly the range priced at U.S. $ 149 when it is released in several American and Canadian carriers with a contract system for 2 years.

In addition, GSMArena, Sunday (01/27/2013), also reported that a store in the UK called Carpone Warhouse, ‘caught’ selling prices for BlackBerry Z10 480 euros, without operator contract.

With the launch of the Blackberry 10 times that in 2 days, so not much time left to be able to be one of the first owners of the latest products from RIM is a way to order, which is believed by some observers as a milestone to restore the dominance of Blackberry in the smartphone market as in 2008 .