BlackBerry Z10 Shows It Yourself

Just a few days stay we can already see how the latest smartphone from RIM that has been long-awaited. Yes, the BlackBerry 10 was already scheduled to be introduced on Jan. 30 after being delayed since last year. So, what’s the latest?

BB Z10_0

To cure the curiosity of the BlackBerry lovers, now we can see how the shape of the BlackBerry Z10 (one of a series of BlackBerry 10) through a photograph. As reported by PhoneArena on Friday (01.25.13), photo uploaded is BlackBerry Z10 is uploaded on Instagram.

BlackBerry uploaded Z10 is not an original Z10 BlackBerry, but only dummy. Although this is just a dummy, but it was able to satisfy the curiosity that had been stored for lover. Because the design of the BlackBerry Z10 has certainly refer to these dummy

in the photo visible if BlackBerry Z10 will come with a choice of two colors, black and white. It is nothing new for the BlackBerry emits color. But, with the full-touch screen, this might be completely new! What do you think, Jerukers?