Bloomberg Get Confirmation iPad Mini Launched In October

Associated with previous kai news about the iPad Mini to be launched in October, Bloomberg has obtained confirmation from two sources familiar with the plan. Confirmation of the emergence of iPad with smaller size and less expensive to compete with Google Nexus 7 due out in October.

The source said that the mini-screen iPad will have the same number of pixels with iPad 2. If the screen size of 7.85 “the rumors are true, then it will get 163ppi iPad Mini, which will be lower than 216ppi’s Nexus 7, but all the applications available for the iPad 2 will work perfectly on the screen Mini.

Google tablet that has a price affordable to have a clear purpose, namely to expand Android’s market share even further and locks all people into the ecosystems of the world’s most popular. Apple certainly would not want to lose its market share in both tough competitors this year, and cheap tablet with the Apple logo is a pretty smart way to fight competition. Although many people are suggesting Apple to remain in the premium market.

iPad Mini is rumored to possibly be cheaper than the new iPad. If Apple sells for around $ 249 – $ 299, then the Galaxy Nexus obviously has a tremendous competitor, with Apple that may still be able to collect more than 30% gross margin. Could iPad Mini to compete against Nexus 7 and Microsoft Surface?