BMM Spy reports the Buzz on BlackBerry 10

aplikasi-blackberry-10Remember BlackBerry? The average BBM spy is reporting that those initial suave and savvy smartphones released about a decade ago? Well makers Research In Motion are doing what seems like a last ditch attempt to have them in the limelight again. If you ever owned a BlackBerry chances are you were initially very charmed by it but as other platforms made it to the marketplace, you were forced to forego your BlackBerry for other more sophisticated devices which explains its crucial fall in the last five years and why it only holds about 7.3% of the American market share.

So with that scenario in mind it seems that RIM’s final chance of survival depends on how well their new line of the BlackBerry series, sporting the BlackBerry 10 OS holds out. But if you are a BlackBerry fan and miss the days of yore or are just curious to see what goes down, here are five things that you need to know before the final unveiling.

1.More Carriers. According to RIM, around 50 carriers all over the world were testing out BlackBerry 10 in October.  A few months later and now the number has gone up to 150 out of which 120 are large businesses. And of course we know that large businesses will be using the devices for usage in their enterprises. Perhaps this means you’ll be seeing renewed BlackBerry sets at work.

2.US Carriers. There are talks brewing that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon will also be supporting the BlackBerry 10 handsets. Now at the moment there is nothing definite about this. All three US carriers have confirmed that they will indeed be offering the devices but how soon they switch to BlackBerry 10 is still quite uncertain.

3.Six Sets to Grace The Year. After what seems like a long hiatus, BlackBerry is going to release six different sets throughout the year. On 30th Jan we will get to see two smartphones, one with a touchscreen and the other with a physical keyboard. After that four more devices are set to be released, but what there specs are is still unknown. Some rumors are that the release of the other four devices depends on the success rate of the initial ones.

4.The New OS. It seems that the BlackBerry 10 OS has lot to do in order to be appealing. The new OS has some of the existing BlackBerry mechanics but is also constructed with QNX technology. So far we know that there is a WebOS card interface, BlackBerry Hub, HTML 5-optimized browser, and an easy to use camera app.

5.Some App Choices. BlackBerry has suffered at the hands of Android and iOS when it comes to app availability (though admittedly BBM spy apps have been few in number as well), coming out extremely lacking for users who hope for more. This time BlackBerry assures us that 70,000 apps will be available at the time of release. Practically speaking this number won’t do much but if BlackBerry gets the top 600 apps in the world to be featured on its OS (as they have reportedly said they would), then it does indeed stand a chance.

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