Boss Microsoft Want iPad Death

Microsoft looks really championed his new tablet computer called Surface. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will present Surface assess a major challenge for Apple iPad.

“We try to state clearly that we will not leave without a covered space on Apple,” said Ballmer is quoted from the SMH, Wednesday (11/07/2012).

Ballmer considers Microsoft a force in enterprise productivity software than Apple. Therefore, he did not flinch against the iPad.

In addition to Surface tablet, Ballmer also gave a sign that Microsoft will not rule out making its own smartphone.

“We will not allow any space where there is no resistance at Apple. Not in the consumer cloud. Not in innovation software and hardware. We will not leave it all on Apple,” said Ballmer.

“Currently we are working very hard to Surface. That’s our focus. But we see what happens. We have a strong partner of Nokia in the mobile segment,” he said.

“We will focus on the Surface and Windows 8 tablet partners and see if we can make something happen,” added the man was headed bolt.

Unclear when the launch dates of Surface tablet on the market. Possibility by the end of 2012 coincided with the availability of the Windows operating system 8.