Browser Shootout BlackBerry 10 With iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8, Who is winner?

BlackBerry 10 will soon be formally introduced by RIM on January 30, 2013. Latest smartphone from the Canadian vendor is arguably the best smartphone made ​​them today.


Research In Motion (RIM) seems to have worked hard to ensure the browser on BlackBerry 10 is the best at this. It needs to be proven to know the truth, whether the phone will be launching 41 days it really has a competitive browser, and best-in-class or not.

Well, GadgetMasters upload a video to YouTube to prove whether the browser on your BlackBerry 10 is better than iOS 6 operating system and Windows Phone 8. In the second video, RIM’s new champion in the contest with Apple’s and HTC smartphones.

The result is quite surprising BlackBerry 10 ahead of both the mobile phone. Curious? Immediately look video below.

BlackBerry 10 vs Windows Phone 8


BlackBerry 10 vs iOS 6