Carrot for iPhone – Best Reminder App

Carrot for iPhone

Some people are born with an unmatched talent to slack off even when they know it’s not very good for their career. In order to help these lazy people, developers have built several to-do or reminder apps. While there are quite a bunch of them at the iTunes app store, few are squeezing human-like personality into it, just like Carrot.

Probably, it’s the most popular to-do app at the market today, thanks to its clean and simple interface and of course, its twisted personality. It’s like you live with a robot that can talk and is smart enough to know that you’re slacking around. Strangely, though, you would see nothing of the app resembles anything like carrot but it’s good, we suppose. You’re not dealing with a heavily cluttered app with insignificant functionality. Instead, you’re dealing with a witty app that can give you an easy-to-read notification through its clean layout.

Carrot’s personality is twisted in a way that she’ll act sweet and nice to you if you do your job properly. However, she’ll turn into an entirely different profile, who is so cynical and has the mouth of a sailor from which you’ll get insulted and put to shame, as she notice that you’re getting lazy during the day.

Simply add your agenda which you want Carrot to remind you about to the app. Once you have accomplished it, swipe it to the right. As soon as you do that, carrot will award you with a motivational praise. Mind you, the developer has coughed up no less than 300 different praises to Carrot. You can download it for $0.99.