Check out the list of latest features in BlackBerry Q10!

BlackBerry Q10 is one of the latest devices from BlackBerry which is considered as a device really carrying the ideals of the Canadian company. Naturally, because the Q10 smartphone is a device that is completed by a physical keyboard, unlike the Z10 overall rely on touch screen facility. No wonder if in the end, the release of Q10 is one of the event is eagerly awaited by many loyal users the BlackBerry device.


While the news about the release of the device that will be powered by BlackBerry OS 10.1 is still unclear, but it seems BlackBerry still want to provide information to prospective users. In a news release by CrackBerry, Friday (04/05/2013), BlackBerry is said to have released some of the features that are expected to strengthen the Q10.

Curious about those features? Consider the following list.

Type N Go

Type N Go is a feature of ‘Universal Search’, a feature that is designed specifically for BlackBerry users 10 can access all the information that is in his smartphone. For example, if you want to send a message BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) to your friend, then you need not bother heading BlackBerry Hub and enable fuel. You just need to the ‘Search’ by pressing the spacebar and then type ‘fuel’ and continued with the name of the friend in question.

Check out the list of commands Type N Go can be used on BlackBerry Q10.

  •     BBM [contact name]
  •     BBM Video Call [contact name]
  •     Email [contact name]
  •     SMS / MMS [contact name]
  •     Call [contact name]
  •     Update Facebook Status
  •     Create a note
  •     Set Alarm / Timer
  •     Play Music
  •     Map [address]

Word Prediction

the ‘Word Prediction’ feature is certainly not foreign to the users of BlackBerry 10, since this feature is already available and can be used on BlackBerry Z10. The function of this feature does not change significantly. The difference is predicted word Z10 put right in the virtual keyboard, while the Q10 will bring suggestion word on the screen, just above the physical keyboard that allows us to be able to directly touch the words that appear are.

Corporate Liable

Some time ago, BlackBerry Z10 had plagued the issue of the lack of options to secure the device. Impact, the British government had refused to use the Z10 as a formal device for the local public servants. Learning from those mistakes, BlackBerry seeks to improve the security system on its devices Q10.

Feature Corporate Liable seen as an answer to the doubts some parties to the security of the BlackBerry device 10. Through this feature, the BlackBerry has raised several safety systems, such as:

Device Quarantine, a feature that will automatically turn off the Q10 When you change the SIM card or install applications that are not appropriate.

Q10 full control of the device by the Administrator.

Hardware Changes

BlackBerry Q10 is almost certain to use the BlackBerry operating system 10.1. No wonder if the BlackBerry intends to replace most of the existing hardware, in order to sustain the performance of the smartphone. One way is to replace the screen with a higher resolution 720×720 pixel size and use technology and organic light-emitting diode (OLED).