Why Comcast Cable is now xFinity?

In this study, analysis and opinion, we can take a look at Comcast and Comcast Cable is now xFinity, why is it necessary, and if it succeeds. Suddenly change is the new competition for the environment by Comcast. This is one such company which is hard to reinvent their relationship with the customer. So far it has worked out so that the next step, re-branding of the company. They hope that if they change the name and brand that customers forget the problems. The goal is correct, but is not the plan. The company will be called XFINITY.

Comcast and its relationship with the customer sour notes were made for many years. The construction of the contest, they were trying to repair his image. As the company is trying to reinvent itself with its hot advertising, and improve customer service with the addition of other operators, if you ask the customer is usually the problem is not solved yet.

Since there was little emphasis on the customer over the years, although the company is now fully invested, it could take years for the customer to recognize the change. This happened with Sprint in late 1990. Sprint creates problems of customer service, but not by a few years ago, when the customer has benefited finally made its way. The problem with Comcast is doing one and says to another client. An example is the recent shift of a digital network. Comcast currently has two types of services. The first is the digital network and a transducer, and the other a cable connection analog economically