Compared to iTunes, Spotify Applications User More Select Twitter # Music

After the Twitter # Music app is available for web and iOS versions, which has integrated Spotify app for Twitter app # music, surprisingly has been used beyond that achieved by iTunes in just 24 hours.

spotify lebih disukai dari iTunes_diagram
As seen in the diagram below, within 24 hours of Spotify has been used to rotate as many as 11,984 songs. The amount is greater than 11,612 songs were played over and over on iTunes, and 3,457 pieces of songs from Rdio. It would also make it a trending topic as many as 256 226 the number of tweets with the hashtag # nowplaying tweets within 24 hours. Surely that number four times more than the number of posts Vine in the application form in the first 24 hours of video. On the other hand, Vine does not offer services over the web such as Twitter # Music.

New applications of Twitter are allowing you to hear the song being sent through a tweet from the music application iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio. With Twitter # Music, you will hear a snippet of each track. Except when you subscribe to Spotify or Rdio, you can listen to the song in full.

Twitter direct current pulse enliven the music industry with the application of Twitter # Music hers. In addition, since Twitter is one social network with most users, any song that is being discussed in the timeline will certainly suck the current Twitter users’ attention, let alone Twitter # music is also rumored to be coming soon for Android users.