Continuously monitor your BlackBerry Condition Status with My Phone Status Application (Free)

Finally, an application that allows you to access the status of your devices with just one click. This application will assemble all useful information about your device and will show in a format that is easily understood. So from now no more wasting time in searching for important info on your phone.

All you need to do is download this application and click on ‘My status Call’ from the menu, then you’ll get a variety of important information from your cell phone. Whether any information that you will gain from this application? You will get information about battery, memory, RAM usage, PIN, phone model and many other things in just one place. From here you can copy the PIN, IMEI, phone model or OS version as well.

This application has a nice UI in describing the status of your phone. Besides all the info is displayed in this application will be updated in real time. So that gives you a comprehensive and easy access to all the information you need to know about your device.

• Battery info: battery, battery temperature is available, the status (charging or discharging)
• Memory Info: memory, available memory, total memory
• Network information: name of the operator, type of connection (EDGE, GSM), the signal strength
• Device Info: PIN, IMIE, OS version, Model Phone
• Copy the PIN, IMEI, OS version, Model Phone

Download My Phone Status on BlackBerry AppWorld