Could It Mobile BlackBerry Artificial Nissan?

Maybe you will be surprised to hear the news that Nissan will make the design of BlackBerry phones. Rumors are circulating a photo spread of the BlackBerry phones with Nissan truck design. The images we get from these N4BB BlackBerry phones did show complete with a large screen and keypad cool yag neat.

This phone is made Nissan certainty is uncertain. But certainly there is a Nissan logo in this photo. RIM also previously worked with the designers of the Porsche P9881 which is the transformation of the BlackBerry 9900 Dakota. This cooperation is in fact able to boost the popularity of BlackBerry in the high-end mobile phone users.


While this might be good news for BlackBerry users who are also automotive enthusiasts, especially Nissan, but there are peculiarities in the trackball phones that now no longer used by the BlackBerry. Moreover, there is a safety message is likely to drive the Nissan campaign with RIM.