Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets with Intel Atom Processor Bay Trail Run with Four Monitors at Once!

Dell has recently launched tablet Venue 8  Pro which uses Intel -based processors Bay Trail to the market. The tablet is also expected to be a competitor to Android or iPad tablet. And curious about the capabilities of this tablet, pluggable was trying to connect Venue 8 Pro with four monitors at once.


To connect this tablet with four monitors, pluggable also use a variety of efforts. The tablet is not equipped with a full size USB port. But instead, pluggable using micro USB OTG cable and connect it to a docking station that has a USB port , Ethernet , DVI and HDMI .

The result, Venue 8 Pro tablet is able to run four monitors pretty well. And to prove it, pluggable also upload a video on YouTube. This video also shows that a Bay Trail Intel Atom processor is quite powerful in running multiple monitors. Additionally Windows tablet 8.1 also automatically downloads all the necessary drivers, so do not bother to do it manually.