Display leaked Facebook in Mobile BlackBerry 10

One success factor is the presence of Facebook in Indonesia BlackBerry in the country that support data services up to the end up to be one among thousands of applications that are very popular in Indonesia. BlackBerry 10 Hours in Indonesia have been held yesterday, and coincide with the event, we also obtained the leaked BlackBerry look up at the 10 later.

Images obtained from this site N4BB looks pretty neat and a lot more interesting than the current official Facebook application as you can find in the Android and IOS. We also can see several options for sharing the phone, which shows the image quality setting, marking and location.

In addition to the Facebook application, we can see a BlackBerry cell phone that may or may not be a real phone. This reminds us of the leaked Samsung Galaxy S2 which may be applied on the new BlackBerry phones. Then how do you think?