The display quality of iPhone 5 is said better Than Samsung Galaxy S III

The world still has not stopped analysts in comparing the two most popular mobile phones today, the Galaxy S III from Samsung and Apple’s iPhone 5. And this time the comparison is the screen quality of both the high end mobile phone.


DisplayMate is revealed that the iPhone 5 has a better screen quality than the Galaxy S III. However, this does not mean that the DisplayMate assume that the quality of the screen belongs to the Galaxy S III ugly. The main reason is the use of OLED display technology, in which the Galaxy S III wearing the Super AMOLED screen. Display Mate says that the technology still can not beat the LCD; in the case of the iPhone is IPS LCD.

DisplayMate also found that the Galaxy S III has half the brightness level of brightness on the iPhone 5. This is because OLED have a low level of efficiency and excessive distortion and color resulting in the addition of green in the image.

They also suggested that Samsung still uses OLED technology theirs. However, the record of these technologies should be increased. They did admit that the level of energy consumption of OLED technology is good. But it becomes less meaningful if the image quality is not comparable to other display technologies.