How i can download free music for blackberry???

download free music for blackberryWell it doesn’t matter where you get or download free music for blackberry. But it would be preferable that it those not have DRM (like if you buy it from iTunes or any other place that has DRM) So yeah Limewire or a CD will be ok

So what you do is open up your “Desktop Manager” for the Blackberry the one you install on your computer (if you don’t have it installed no problem just download it from blackberry or your wireless provider, if you have T-mobile just log in to your account and click on “Support for my Phone” and on the “System Upgrade” and download it)

Then open up the “Desktop Manager” and click on “Media Manager” (IMPORTANT you must have a media card to save music on your blackberry because it will not let you save music, picture, ring tones or video with out it)
Then it will open up a window. Search for the song or what ever media you want on your cell and it click on the arrow “–>” and it will save it

One more thing, the thing i do is save my music in The Ring tone folder cause I can use it as a Ring tone and also hear it, but if you just save it under music it will not be able to be used as a Ring tone.

Step using limewire download free music for blackberry :

You could download anything from limewire pro and at fairly good speeds.
1) Download Limewire from here
2) Then search Limewire Pro on Limewire and download it.
3) Pro because its way faster.
4) Then uninstall normal limewire and install pro.
5) Open it up and search any song or anything and download it.
6) Transfer it your Blackberry.

Your Done!! so i wish download free music for blackberry tips useful for you. Check also this article if you want to downloads song for blackberry playbook