Download Paper Doodle Theme for BlackBerry

Doodle Theme Paper is designed to provide a creative touch on your device. The icon that looks like a hand sketch drawings and wallpapers will give you the appearance of the original doodle. With a drawing hand on each icon and banner, wallpaper, this theme will give you the appearance of a creative device. Normal and focus of the new doodle is guaranteed to make your device look different.


• High definition wallpaper
• notifications of Interest icon
• Focus that will spoil the eye in every picture
• handwriting font to give the appearance of graffiti
• the focus of a new banner that is different from others
• The button with a nice line art
• Figure hands on wallpaper, icons, banners and buttons.

Note: You may need to reboot blackberry if the icons are not 100% change after installing the theme. To reboot the handset, please remove the battery and put it back, or press the “alt-del-aA” at the same time.

Download Paper Doodle the BlackBerry App World