Drop Test iPad Mini vs Nexus 7, Which A More Powerful?

Yup, this time in waiting already present. The test for resistance to two tablets between Apple iPad Mini with Google Nexus 7 (32GB).


Drop Test this time conducted by Android Authority is surprising that the iPad Mini is stronger than the Nexus 7. Because aluminum body iPad Mini is quite helpful, while the plastic body makes it a Nexus 7 tablet frail. You can see in the video when the two-stage testing, Nexus 7 shattered body even open and there is a part of the screen is completely broken so it can not be used anymore.

Until the third stage of testing, the iPad Mini screen can still work normally despite the cracks in the glass screen. Indeed, the screen is not as strong as the iPhone 5, but it proves that the aluminum case is stronger than the plastic case. What do you think?