Easy to Buy Bulk Domain Names

bulkdomain-blocksWhen you are building your business, your marketing plan may include the creation of a website and all the social media sites. It is important that your business be connected to the social media sites in order to avoid confusion. A business that is similar in name and product may become confused with yours if you do not secure the sites and user names. While most businesses add their name to a dot com site, they may not remember to buy the other site extensions as part of their planning. They will also want to buy the dot net, dot info and dot org to match their top-level domain. This will keep someone else from buying those sites in order to either compete or discredit them. A business can tell their domain register that they want to buy bulk domain names to get all the domain names to match the business, including variations on the name. In the past, a business that forgot to register the other extensions may have been unable to obtain them at a reasonable cost due to cyber-squatting. This type of squatting was the purchase of all the domain names that could become worth money to a company in the future, and then holding on to them until the company noticed. Many companies either had to pay individuals for those domains or take them to court to get them to release them. If you purchase them all up front when you start your business, you will be able to control how your name is used and will not need to worry that it is the home objectionable material.