Easy Steps to Remove Facebook contacts from BlackBerry Contact Apps

Joined a popular social media sites, is one of the best methods to be able to communicate with co-workers, playmates, or with your own family. However, you would not be making


The emergence of the names of your Facebook contacts in your BlackBerry 10 is likely to cause quite a disturbance. The reason is, you will very rarely use it. However, how to eliminate your Facebook contacts from a list of BlackBerry 10? Follow these easy steps, as quoted from Crackberry.

The first step you should do is go into the applications ‘Contact’ on your BlackBerry 10. After that,

Slide the screen to move up and down to show the iconic ‘Settings’

Touch the icon ‘Settings’ and the BlackBerry 10 you will show a screen like below.


Once you get into the ‘Settings’, then you will see some active applications that include contact names into the Contact Apps. Look for the Facebook name on it and turn off the ‘Facebook Contact’.


If you’ve done these steps, then there will be no names of your Facebook contacts in the Contact Apps.