Easy Ways to Change the Use of Search Engine on BlackBerry 10

When you have started using BlackBerry 10 and wanted to try to surf the Internet with a smart phone, then you will be “forced” to use Bing as the main search engines. But what if you’re used to using Google or search engines to find other variations with Yahoo?

There is an easy way to change the search engine on BlackBerry 10 and use them interchangeably. Here are some tips, as blackberry empire released from the site.

Open up your browser in BlackBerry 10


Type in your desired search. After that, Bing symbol will appear on the upper right corner.


Touch the symbol and choose the search engine you want.


Once you choose the search engine you want, BlackBerry 10 will continue to remember and you can continue to use these options, except when your phone suddenly erased memory.