Exploit Finally Found For A5 Based Devices on IOS 5

The jailbreaking scene is proving to be an increasingly prevalent subculture in the IOS community. Unfortunately for some, while older devices were jailbroken in as little as a few days, A5 based devices have proved much harder. Read on to find out more info about the A5 and why things are looking up for perspective A5 jailbreakers.


What Is The A5?
The A5 is a proprietary dual-core processor, based on ARM but heavily optimized for IOS. The reason your IPad 2 functions so smoothly is its A5 based chipset. The A5 is currently in two Apple devices. The first is the IPad 2, and the second is the recently released IPhone 4S. While both devices are dual-core, it’s speculated that the IPhone 4S is under clocked to 700MHz per core, as opposed to the IPad 2’s 1GHz per core. This helps to improve battery life.

How A5 Effects Jailbreaking
Thus far, all IPhone 4 devices and prior as well as the original IPad have a jailbreak for every OS version. This includes the most recent update to IOS 5. The exploits used to jailbreak each of these past devices simply haven’t worked with the IPhone 4S or the IPad 2. As of the time this is written, IPhone 4S owners have been waiting weeks and IPad 2 owners even longer.

A Break Through
Some progress has finally been made on A5 based devices. One of the head developers from the very well known “iPhone Dev-Team” announced via Twitter that they have found a working exploit and have successfully jailbroken both an IPhone 4S and an IPad 2. While they said that there are still several hurdles to over come before it can be made public, IPhone 4S owners hoping to reap the benefits of jailbreaking may not have to wait much longer.