Facebook rival, Google Fresh Snapchat much as 4 Billion USD

Reports The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) previously revealed that Facebook has made ​​an offer of 3 billion USD to acquire Snapchat. And the offer was rejected by the Snapchat. And it turns out, not just Facebook who are interested to buy Snapchat. Google did not want to miss with Facebook.


News of the interest Google to Snapchat was revealed by GigaOm founder Om Malik through his Twitter account. The report revealed that the world’s most popular search engine company and owner of the Android OS has made ​​an offer to Snapchat. Even the figures given by Google offers more than Facebook, which amounted to 4 billion USD.

If Google successfully acquired Snapchat, the application will still be run independently. As done by Facebook after acquiring Instagram. The acquisition step was certainly going to make Google more and have a lot of services.

Unfortunately, number 4 billion USD is not making Snapchat CEO, Eva Spiegel budge. Spiegel said that the company still has the potential to continue to grow. And therefore, Snapchat still will continue to explore their potential.