Fake BlackBerry Messenger app for Windows 8 appears in the Windows Store

Prior to its launch on Android and iOS , had appeared several apps BlackBerry Messenger ( BBM ) is false in Google Play Store . And now , after the application is available on Android and iOS , the incident repeated . But that is now the target is the Windows Store .


The application also has a fake BBM BBM name in the Windows Store . In the description , the application is published by Moalla and not w8 and can be downloaded for free . Instead of Windows 8 users must pay an amount of 2.49 USD.

The emergence of this fake application also seems to want the momentum that is now taking place . Where the mobile device users currently booming with BBM app launched for Android and iOS platforms . Moreover, the BlackBerry also had to demonstrate the fuel in the Windows platform .

The application in the Windows Store bogus fuel is also at odds with a statement from Microsoft . Company founded by Bill Gates is often stated that they are proud of the quality apps in the Windows Store .