There Fake Game on the App Store?

For fans of mobile gaming, reading the title above is indeed baffling. Apparently, there is a game on the App Store fake in it. Of course this news surprise us, how can this game be sold in the ‘barn’ where download applications and games for the iOS devices?

Halo 4 palsu

The fake game that caught appearing in the App Store is Halo 4. So, if you intend to buy, be careful. Because, to buy it for U.S. $ 4.99 you will not get a game popular in the PC, but a different game.

With the same icon with Halo 4, the game sold in the App Store that fact just a chess game and racing cars. Supposedly, with this simple game, it is not feasible to sell at that price.

Currently, it is still unclear why this fake game can go to the App Store, but we all certainly hope that the Apple to take action, before this fake game deadly.