Features BBM Voice in BBM 7

Now RIM is doing beta testing on BlackBerry Messenger version 7. Excellent feature is the new Voice Call. Where fellow BBM users will be able to make calls for free over Wi-Fi networks.

As reported by N4BB on 14 November last 7 fuels will be present on the BlackBerry with a minimum OS version of 6.0. Terms do this Voice BBM BlackBerry data plan you must be active, and connected to Wi-Fi so you can use it.

Here are the features of BBM Voice:

Enhanced calling options – you can receive / make calls directly when bbm chat for free everywhere, and wherever your destination is.

Visual indicator-This feature lets you know that your BBM friends available to make calls via BBM, where you also can set up your Voice BBM status. There are four options that you can plug status is none (BBM Voice is not available), Offline, Online, and in a voice chat.

Seamlessly switch from type to talk – you can be as easy and smooth as possible for the fuel switch voice mode. Suppose you’re in a Voice Call, you can switch directly to Voice chat, text and BBM as usual.

Convenient-fuel compatibility supports all devices supporting Voice / accessories like microphone, speakerphone, and other wireless accessories.

Multi-tasking at your fingertips – At the time you could also fuel Voice BBM with another user, send an email, or open other applications.

BlackBerry ID convenience-fuel 7 in this you can easily switch / switch with other BlackBerry smartphone. Fuel 7 will use the BlackBerry ID as synchronizes all BBM BBM contacts including existing groups. So just enter the BlackBerry ID on your BBM contacts 7 will automatically synchronizes.