Features Portrait Display to Email, Contacts and Calendar at BlackBerry OS 2.1 Beta Playbook

It turned out that for users who are trying to update to v2.1 Beta OS PlayBooknya there is a new feature that allows users to read email in the email application native to the portrait position. Quite interesting is the Playbook OS 2.1 Beta

In addition to email that can be used in portrait position, Calendar and Contacts can be used in the same position. If the previous user is still OS 2.0 in native email should be read in the landscape position on OS 2.1 Beta could eventually be made ​​easier for those who love to read emails in portrait position. And besides there are other features that are also quite interesting, when I have to open the open Android can now be opened with separate windows. OS 2.0 on its own because if you want to open an Android application is still in windows should be opened in turn and can not work in open multitasking Android applications simultaneously.

For those who want to try downloading just register the PIN Playbook here. Please note, because this is still in Beta, so if there is damage and death hangs like a total a risk to be borne alone. Please read first detailed information about the BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.1 Beta is here