Find The Best Reading App For You

kindleThere is a variety of free reading apps for iPhone available. As with most apps, it’s best to know what you want out of a reading app before you even download it. Popular areas in which people tend to use reading apps are for books, news, and comics.

Each of these three areas has different requirements for a reader. There are some reading apps that can handle all three. Of course, a reader dedicated to one area should be the best at that single task, in theory. If you feel like breaking away from iBooks, there are plenty of free options.

Book apps

The Nook reading app is great for reading books. According to reviewer Russell Holly, the Nook app is a portalto multiple forms of media. It has the ability to download books from Barnes & Noble, sync your books across all your devices and share some books you have purchased with your friends.

An odd thing about the Barnes & Noble membership is that it does not give you a discount on Nook products, according the membership terms and conditions.But one way to give yourself a discount without paying a $25 annual fee is to get a Barnes & Noble MasterCard. You’ll get a $25 BN gift card after your first purchase and 5 percent back on all BN purchases including Nook products. You get 1 percent back on all other purchases. There is no annual fee, and as soon as you hit 2,500 points on your card, you can request a $25 BN gift card.

The Nook app allows readers to adjust:

  • Type of font
  • Font size
  • Background color
  • Margins
  • Screen brightness
  • Line spacing

As far as font colors go, there is black or reverse. With the Nook app, you can bookmark a page in a book, and it will be saved on all your devices. The app also allows readers to jump to specific pages and search within the book. The app has a built-in dictionary, so you can easily look up tough words while reading. You can highlight text, make notes and share selected text throughemail, text message or social media.

The archrival of the Nook app for reading books is the Kindle app. Amazon updated the font for the Kindle app on iPhones this year, according to Amar Toor of The Verge. The new font mimics the typeface on Kindle eReaders, which is supposed to look like real type in a print book. Of course, nowadays, most people read more electronic words than printed ones.

The Kindle app has all the features of the Nook app, plus it recently added study features for textbooks such as flashcards. The iBooks app that comes on every iPhone also has textbook interaction capabilities.

The idea of bringing books in from other sources may sound cool, but the readability of the text probably will have you squinting.

The library

Free books from your public library’s website may be challenging to obtain. OverDrive is the preferred app of most public libraries. You’ll have to log into the public libraries website with your library card and reserve the eBook of your choice. That’s right, most popular eBooks have a waiting list. After you place an eBook on hold, OverDrive / your public library will email you when it is available

After experimenting with these apps, you’ll know for sure which one is right for you. There is nothing wrong with having more than one on your iPhone assuming you have room.

News feeds

For free news, there are a couple of good apps besides Twitter. News360 learns what type of news you like based on your browsing habits on social media. The stories appear on your iPhone as a photo and a title. The app also learns what you like based on your searches in the app. Sharing articles is a matter of swiping. This app does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but it can automatically adjust or low-lighting conditions.

Flipboard like many third-party apps has surpassed Apple News, according to Chance Miller of 9 to 5 Mac. Flipboard calls everything a magazine. It aggregates your stories and videos based on your searches in the app. You can save topics and link to social media accounts.

Newsify is a little simpler. It functions as an RSS feed reader. You plug in your favorite websites, and Newsify displays the latest articles from those. The app allows you to customize the look of the feed.


You paid for that color iPhone screen, so you might as well take advantage of it. A comic reader such as Chunky Comic Reader allows you to download comics from Dropbox and all kinds of other cloud drives. It accepts multiple formats.

Comic Plus is another comic reading app that allows to you to rent graphic novels and import a variety of file formats.