Fooducate Plus for iPhone

Fooducate Plus for iPhoneDo you think the diet you’re following right now is good enough for your fitness program? Are you sure that the daily food intake you consume has met you’re your nutritional need? There is no easier way to manage your diet and food intake other than using an iPhone app. The question is which app you should pick out. If you have problem deciding, try the Fooducate Plus.

In a nutshell, Fooducate Plus is more than just an app that can present you a list of nutritional information regarding a certain food. The app has been designed to be capable of finding several alternatives which are equal in terms of the nutrients it contains. It can also help you manage your shopping so you can stay on the track even when your finance is on a good state.

Fooducate Plus is also backed up by a community whose size is considerable large. That said, you have to register and make an account the first time you launch it. To get info regarding the nutritional value of certain food or product, you can either search it on the app database or you can simply scan the food with the camera.

As soon as you tap on certain product, you’ll be led to a new screen where you can view comprehensive information about it. Above the fold is a brief info about the product; from the letter grade, how much the product is preferred by the community up to the total calorie it contains per serving.

On the lower part of the screen are three different buttons. First, a set of feedback buttons. You can use them to help the community know better how much it is favorable. Next, there is an add button. You can use it to add the product to your shopping list or health tracker. The last button is used to provide various alternatives for the product being viewed. All in all Fooducate Plus is a very helpful app to help you control your diet. The app is offered for $3.99 at iTunes app store.