Free Legal Music Downloads For iPods

free music downloads for ipods legallyeMusic is a major player in the world of free music downloads for ipods. All your music in MP3 format and runs on any platform.

Benefits eMusic

one of his biggest advantages is all downloads of their music in MP3 format without DRM! The sad truth about the protection against the copying of music with DRM version differs from company to company. For example, you can not play DRM-protected iTunes for iPod, iPhone or you’re desktop with the iTunes player.

The New York Times:

“A major difference between eMusic and other online music stores is that the tracks in unprotected MP3 format, which means that … the songs play on all portable music players such as Apple iPods are provided” ®
Another advantage of eMusic the music is perfectly legal to download, in contrast to the prevalence of P2P file-sharing sites.

One thing I like that eMusic 25 free songs mix before downloading to the minimum of 9.99 is charged per month for 30 songs. So nearly 25 years as free downloads nothing.Not months, 33 cents per song hits from MSN and iTunes 99 cents per song on it. A small drawback, however, eMusic offers millions of songs, but they are mostly “indie” or independent artists. But all their music legally permitted independent labels, so you do not have to worry about illegal downloading of files.

eMusic Interface

So like I said, eMusic Only MP3 files with variable bit rate (VBR). All songs on the Internet can be downloaded through your web browser or with free download manager.  A word of warning is that if you download from your Web browser you have the eMusic Download Manager to disable your account settings. Then you have the file extensions. Mp3 file download as a file extension unknown.


The eMusic Web site you can search for songs by artist, album, title, label, or composer. As mentioned earlier, the mention most of their songs from independent artists, but there are a number of priorities. can also becaome alternatif as free music downloads for ipods legally.


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