Full Touchscreen Mobile BlackBerry Z10 Built with components apparently worth 154 USD

BlackBerry Z10 Mobile that uses BlackBerry 10  OS to be found in several places abroad. And, some other country would ever follow in the near future. Some idea about this phone, the consumers who are interested can consider about the price of the components in it.


In total, BlackBerry requires a fee of 154 USD to bring together all the components of this phone. Is quite cheap and not for a phone that was remembered going to be able to save the BlackBerry mobile phone of bankruptcy.

Specifically, the touch screen of this phone is priced at 16.05 USD. Furthermore, for 23.50 USD Snapdragon processor, two cameras for 15 USD, 16GB ROM for 9 USD, battery, chip and RAM for $ 21 USD and the last is the cover and the motherboard that may have a price 59 USD.

To note, the price is the price component. While the selling price on the market is the price component of the business coupled with BlackBerry to produce it. These include research efforts as well as providing manpower that is not less expensive.