Gameloft Releases The Dark Knight Rises version of BlackBerry 10

Almost all will give a positive opinion on the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman film version, titled The Dark Knight Rises. In the third film, and final, Batman must fight one told the enemy that is Bane. Armed with a story that is enough to make the audience stayed inside the studio theater for over two hours, The Dark Knight Rises earned total revenue of U.S. $ 1.005 trillion, according to a report aceshowbiz site (02/09/2012).


As if to maintain its great success, now the Heroes Bats decided to expand the mobile device in the form of video games. According to news released by CrackBerry, Friday (04/19/2013), as Gameloft’s leading video game developer in the world has released a video game called The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR). In addition to taking the title of the hit movie, video game will also lift the same story with the film version.

In this game, you will play as Bruce Wayne has retired from the superhero world for eight years. However, an incident forces you to return to the streets of Gotham City, in order to save the city from Bane. However, Bane is certainly not alone, because he has reinforcements in the form of troops ready to attack Gotham City.

TDKR video games provide a different experience when you play it. You will be offered special missions dozens and dozens of options to be able to finish a story. You should be able to solve a kidnapping case, involved in a vehicle chase action, and action is required to end a prison revolt in Gotham City.

But as you already know, Batman is a hero figure who has a lot of equipment and weapons. This means that you no longer need to feel afraid when faced with a number of enemies. You will be supplemented by some equipment, such as ‘Grapnel’ that can make you swing between buildings in Gotham City, ‘Batarang’ which allows you to beat the enemy from a distance, and a variety of other weapons that you can use for playing video games TDKR.

If you feel not satisfied with the explanation above, then you can instantly watch TDKR trailer of the video game below. But when you have had enough and are interested in becoming a Batman (after all, who would not want to be like Batman), you can go straight to the BlackBerry World for TDKR download for U.S. $ 1.99.