Google has Completing Google Maps for iOS

After the latest iOS from Apple officially released the iOS 6, Apple is having problems on the feature maps. With it, as also reported previously when I was asked to help create maps based applications for Apple.

According to the Wall Street Journal, said that if I had finished making maps that will run on iOS devices. Unfortunately, Google Maps is not currently available on the Apple App Store. Parties I was having tests on these features.

After the release of Google Maps, it is expected that users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will be able to access the best online maps from Google. Not only will that, reportedly with a new Google Maps feature Siri be added in it.

That way, the users of iOS devices that support the Siri will be able to do a search in Google Maps with voice commands (Siri). With these features were getting impatient waiting for the presence of Google Maps in the App Store.