Google Drive Go to IOS by Support Offline Editing

Google Drive has now arrived for IOS and this application will work on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Drive original application comes with all the features you may have heard on Android, including the introduction of amazing optical character recognition (OCR) which works with text and photos.

But the biggest news is the Google Docs now finally have the offline editing feature. When you edit a document, it will be the first locally cache and then automatically synced online.

While the OCR feature to function simplify your search. This application automatically scans your PDF documents to text, so you can search for text without having to type it again. You can also use Google’s image of knowledge and if you have a picture of the pyramid, you simply type “pyramid” in the search box and will find it. Everything happens automatically. Just as you’d expect, you can save a document for use offline and Google Drive application that supports real-time collaboration in the cloud.