Google Hangouts 4.0 It can be downloaded at Android

Who does not know Hangouts application, an application made by Google this conversation just get a renewal for the Android platform. What’s new? Previously, iOS platform has gained renewal with a similar version in the last month, for the Android platform was not much different from what obtained iOS users.

This time Google redesigned the user interface (user interface) with a new look that seemed to use the material design, such as the display of their latest operating system, Android Lollipop. Followed by the “Compose” new, which makes it easy for users to start a conversation with someone or by forming a group. As well as the improvement of some bugs that make the latest version of Hangouts app is faster and smoother.

Not only that, now Hangouts can also reply to or read a multimedia message either to the group or conversation with someone via Google Voice, especially if you are busy or away from our devices. To display the text messages back, just said the words “Ok Google, Hangouts send a message,” Wear your Android device, then hangouts will display the message text. But Google Voice is not yet known whether this support multiple languages, especially Indonesian.

Can not wait to taste the latest Hangouts? Please post through Google Play Store.