Google Maps, iOS 6 more Bestsellers

It seems that Google Maps was able to prove prestige as a service provider of digital maps in the world bully. In fact, Apple seems to have ‘thank you’ to Google, because thanks to the return of the application on the iPhone and iPad, iOS 6 the number of users increases.


No doubt these symptoms are the effect of mistrust iPhone users after Apple Maps show poor performance in providing detailed mapping. As a result, many of them are reluctant to update to iOS devices 6.

Data from MoPub, Thursday (21/12/2012) states that since the five days after Google Maps ‘stocking charm’ in the App Store, the number of users who switch to iOS 6 increased by 29%.

It is directly proportional to the record achieved Google Maps, where the 48 hours after it was launched last week in the App Store, this application has been downloaded over 10 million times and perched directly on top of the most popular iOS apps.

Unfortunately, the high adoption of iOS 6 is followed by complaints that the operating system makes the batteries run out quickly. So whether by Google Maps, users willing to charge the battery more often than usual because of problems in iOS 6?