Google Maps for iPhone have downloaded over 10 Million Times in a period less than 48 Hours

Google Maps is really desired by iPhone users who use iOS 6. This is evidenced by the high level application download the latest maps from Google.







In his Google+ account, Jeff Huber, who is the Senior VP of Commerce and Local revealed that Google Maps for iPhone has been downloaded more than 10 million times. This achievement is fantastic considering the figure was reached two days after the official launch of the application map.

Furthermore, Huber said the achievement was a separate award to the Google employees who serve in the Google Maps project. Moreover, Google has been working to make Google Maps more than seven years. If you have not downloaded this application, you can download it for free at this link

The launch of the Google maps application is indeed quite interesting. At the beginning of the launch of iOS 6 by Apple, the company founded by Steve Jobs is ‘sacked’ and replaced it with Google Maps Maps which is a homemade Apple Apple itself. But, in fact, Apple’s Maps has a poor performance, even far from perfect.