Google Threatened to Pay Fines Apple

Google threatened to pay a fine of USD 22.5 million to Apple related to privacy violations committed against the internet giant Safari browser users.

Nevertheless, the interviewees said that knowing this information, the fine must still be approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which handles online privacy issues in the U.S.

If approved by five members of the FTC, as reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (11/07/2012), a fine penalty of USD 22.5 million will be the largest fine ever imposed on a company.

This case raises further doubts on the credibility of Google, about privacy. Google rated abusing his position to master the internet. In this case, Google is known to secretly track the millions of internet users who use Apple’s Safari browser.

“We set high standards for privacy and security of our users,” Google said defensively. This internet giant emphasized that the tracking technology embedded in the Safari browser does not collect any personal information.

Other sources say, Google will not even insist on admitting guilt by paying a fine. However good Google, Apple and the FTC would not comment on the report.