Google Unveils Chrome Browser For iPhone and the iPad

At the conference Google I / O developer today, Vice President Brian Rakowski announced the availability of Chrome Google Chrome browser for the iPhone and the iPad, which makes it the first debut in the IOS. Rakowski said that Chrome will be available to IOS 4.3 and higher devices.

Google is a typical browser application will be available starting today to support Chrome synchronization, a feature that allows users to synchronize all the tablets, bookmarks, and various commands on the device.

Rakowski illustrate the function of the open tabs in the Chrome browser from the MacBook, Chromebook, smartphone Android, Android tablet, and the iPhone. People in Google Chrome also has an important announcement to confirm this through Twitter, “you ask, we listen … Introducing Chrome for iPhone and iPad, web to bring you to the IOS version 4.3 and higher devices.” This application is now available on the iTunes Store.

“Chrome, which we built from the ground up as a browser for the modern web, and has been used in an extraordinary way. Thanks to you, Chrome has been used almost doubled since last year’s I / O, from 160 million now has 310 thousand active users in around the world. As more and more of you live your life online, we want to help make it easy to live in the cloud in a seamless, “said Chrome & Apps Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai.