Google Will Give RAW Image Support in Android Smartphone

Smartphones today are not only used for phone calls , SMS or chatting and browsing . This device also has other capabilities , such as office and used for activities that are unforgettable photography . Moreover, the quality of the image presented by the current smartphone is pretty good .


And to support its use as a photographic tool , Google will provide support for RAW image file in Android . That way , the Android smartphone users also have more flexibility when editing images .

Google party was currently working on a new camera API that is intended for a stock Android ROM . There are several new features that are owned by the API , one of which is support for RAW files . Application developers , Josh Brown as quoted from Pocket – lint revealed that the presence of the camera API allows smartphone users to store uncompressed images .

The API will also provide support for face detection as well as removable or modular camera . So , Google will provide support for the development of devices such as Sony and QX100 QX10 .

RAW image support for Google ‘s smartphone is not desired to be first . Previously , Nokia has announced that they have provided support for RAW files to DNG format for two new smartphones , the Lumia 1520 and 1020 .