Graphite drawings iPhone 5S comes, Rated As Best Color

Apple may be enjoying a fresh atmosphere, thanks to the heat of the rumors that talk about attendance iPhone 5S gold. However, it has not been able to make the company satisfied. The internet world re-created a scene by the presence of an iPhone that has a graphite color.


IPhone pictures of colored light gray are undoubtedly appreciated by most inhabitants of the world of the internet. Even some of the analyst, as quoted from Gizmodo on Monday (26.08.13), praise and regard graphite color much better and “exclusive”, rather than the color of gold.

Like ever before, the Cupertino Apple is refusing to provide a response. As a result, some people still think that the presence of graphite iPhone is just a rumor. However, they are still hoping Apple actually make it happen.

Other images also provide a comparison of face-to-face between the iPhone gold and graphite. Now, Now, it’s your turn and the other inhabitants of the virtual world is decided, the iPhone 5S which has the best color.