Griffin PowerDock 5 Charges up to 5 iOS Devices of Yours

Griffin PowerDock 5

Obviously, no single person lives with up to 5 iOS devices and thus doesn’t need this PowerDock 5. However, if you’re married already and run quite a big family whose members are so attached to iPhone and iPad, the said charger might be worth a looking. Developed by Griffin Technology, PowerDock 5 sports up to five docks on which you can simultaneously charge multiple iOS devices from a single power outlet.

Each of the charging bays is quite large. This is handy if your devices use protective case as you don’t need to take it off to start charging. Still Griffin PowerDock 5 is more than just multiple charging docks. On its core, it sports a smart feature called ChargeSensor which enables it to detect any devices docked on it and determine the fittest power to charge it. According to the company, it can help prolong the battery life.If you have some spare time this week, you can get to see Griffin PowerDock 5 at CES 2013. Another alternative is to wait until spring comes. By that time, it should be available already for $99.99.

Along with PowerDock 5, Grifin is also poised to unveil a couple of its new contraption namely PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal. Both are equipped with the same ChargeSensor found on the aforementioned charger. PowerBlock Universal is capable of converting strong electric currents measuring between 100 and 240 volts into mild and safe power of 10 watt to charge your handset. As for the PowerJolt, it’s an add-on to your vehicle which allows for charging-on-the-go. Expect to see them sell for $29.99 for PowerBlock and $24.99 for PowerJolt.